22 Apr

Jetty Repair

The weather has taken its toll on the Ski Club Jetty and Covid restrictions have prevented us from working on it and even coming together as a committee to discuss what to do. Now that lockdown is easing, we have made a plan. The jetty will be missing from the river for approximately 4 weeks from 4th May.
During this time, work will be full on to repair it and return it to the river. We will only be able to do this with the help of helpers. Josh Major will be coordinating the work and other committee members will be trying to coordinate people helping, so please, please help if you can. There will be work for everyone, even if it is just fetching bacon rolls, sweeping up, putting scrap in a skip – all of these things will contribute to the timely return of the jetty. If you can help, please let us know on the facebook page, call one of the committee (numbers on the contacts section) or email skiclubcommittee@eswsc.co.uk.

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