Boat Owner

I have my own boat, and I need somewhere to ski.

There are two aspects to this. You want to ski, and you want to use your boat. To ski, you can contact somebody on the contacts page, and arrange skiing as in the previous examples.
To be able to drive your boat from the Club Jetty, you will need to join the club, and register your boat. You will also need to have passed your Ski Boat Driver Award (SBDA) which we can help you with. Once you have done that, you can use your boat any time you want to at the club as long as you adhere to the club rules.

In all cases, the club relies on membership fees, but we realise that we won’t get new members unless we invite people to try skiing. It is for this reason that we allow people five skiing visits to the club before we insist on them becoming a member. By this time, we expect you to have decided that you like it, and want to continue.