11 Jun

Equipment vandalised

On 10th June we were notified that the newly installed jetty ( not yet finished installing) was no longer attached to the beach. It was a windy afternoon and nobody really wanted to go to have a look,but good ol’ Matt Moore took Lewis’ RIB and braved the elements. On inspection, it seems that three of the hinge pins had been removed. Thankfully, this meant that the jetty was still moored and no further damage had been done. All sections were still attached to the ground.

Later that day, we had notification that the jetty had been covered in thick mud and the sign completely smothered with the words ‘F*** You’ written into the mud. Someone clearly with a grudge against us rather than just someone trying to cause a nuisance.

The problem here is that if the jetty was to go adrift, it could do a lot of damage, for which we would be liable. The mud smeared on the sign means that our legal obligation to have a reflective sign is in jeopardy and Trinity House, who look after safe navigation channels will be looking into our obligations. In essence, we have obligations and must take this seriously.

To that end, I have spoke to the police who have passed the case to their investigations department and will report the matter to Trinity House on Monday. Anyone with information should call 101 and report to the police using reference number SC-11062017-121.  There will also hopefully be an article in the East Anglian Daily Times and other publications appealing for information.

Please spread the word that we are after information.